Of Reality and Red Scarves

Well, I’m back at uni. Classes start tomorrow and I’m a bit apprehensive. I’m worried I won’t like one of my communications classes because it’s supposed to be all about how to research, but I guess it’s valuable information or they wouldn’t make me take it for my major. I somehow feel like by typing this out, I can get all the negative thoughts about it out of my system and go in with a more positive outlook. That would be nice! I had been putting it off all break, but I finally sorted out my work schedule for thisContinue reading

Encyclopaedic knowledge

Let’s close out the old year with a bang, yeah? How about a blog post? Does that work for you? I finally finished Enter Night: A Biography of Metallica, a book I had started in July and never got around to picking up again in earnest until this week. Determined to finish it before the end of the year, I read essentially from the time I woke up at noon to 9pm, breaking for meals, of course. It was quite a good book! I learned a lot and gained a lot of insights about not only Metallica but the musicContinue reading

If I Were a Rock Star

It turns out my brother was saying “last”, not “blast”, although he did say “bollocks” today before asking me what it meant, so all hope and amusement is not lost. “What a dumb pussy of bollocks,” he said. Then he found out what bollocks actually means (testicles, yo) and thought it was beyond hilarious. Oh, Josh. :’) I’ve been reading Enter Night: A Biography of Metallica by Mick Wall, and last night I read the chapter called “Wild Chicks, Fast Cars and Lots of Drugs”. It talked a lot about the guys in Metallica starting to live “in excess”, likeContinue reading

Good morning, Sunshine

So this is a thing I bought: It’s Monday now, and I had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend. Black Friday is more my style than the actual feast day, but special days aside, it was probably the best break I’ve had in a while. I got up early almost every day, but I also got to relax more than I have since before the semester started. I spent almost all my time playing Assassin’s Creed II on my laptop, and it was brilliant. :love: For once, I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time or like I should have beenContinue reading

Raise the Bar, Or Lower It, Or Raise It

On 20th August, I leave for California for a week. Los Angeles, to be exact. I will be staying with my friend Tiffany, and I couldn’t be more stoked. Before you get all down on me about how it’s not that exciting, remember that I’ve never been to California, ever. Since there’s not very much time until I leave for LA, and since I start school again a week after I get back, there are some things I want to get done before I go. These include getting caught up on the whopping seven magazines sitting by the side ofContinue reading