Spinning on a Drop Spindle is a Rollercoaster

Last fall, I took a class on how to spin with a drop spindle.  I was pretty into it for a while, managed to spin all the sample fiber I was given in the class, and knit a couple projects with it.  At the same time, I bought some pretty fiber in one of my favorite colors, but I decided I preferred not to spin it on a drop spindle and put myself on the hold list to borrow a spinning wheel from the library.  In January, I finally got the wheel, spun up most of that fiber, knit aContinue reading

Fuzzy Happy Projects with my First Handspun

The last time I posted (seriously, has it been over a month already?), I wrote about plying my first mini-skein of handspun yarn.  Last week, which was the week of Thanksgiving, I took a few vacation days to give myself the entire week off of work.  I needed time to rest and recharge.  Obviously, that means doing all the crafts.  I did a lot of knitting, of course, along with working on my needlepoint almost every night after barely touching it for months.  One of the first things I did, though, was finish spinning and plying that natural-colored merino/alpaca fiber.  I endedContinue reading

Spinning Ahead: My First Plied Skein!

I’m not finished spinning the roving from the drop spindle class I took last weekend, but I’ve spun up about 70g of singles at this point.  Last I weighed it, I had somewhere around 60g left.  So, another week or less and I’ll be all done and ready to ply.  However, a couple days ago, I was getting really impatient to see what my yarn was going to look like plied.  I had five balls of singles (10g each) at that point, so I thought plying two of them up wouldn’t hurt. 🙂 I wound a plying ball on my nostepinne.Continue reading

Learning to Spin on a Drop Spindle

Like sewing, spinning is one of those things I never thought I would ever want to try.  I was content to just look at (and pet) all the pretty fibers and watch friends spin at knit night.  I’m not sure what changed, but I guess maybe enough people finally told me enough times that they thought I would enjoy it, so I signed up for a drop spindle class at the Ann Arbor Fall Fiber Expo this past weekend. The class was very fun and helpful.  I took it with my friend Jennifer from knit night.  She had had aContinue reading