Sew Much Sewing

Hi, my name is Rachel, and I am obsessed with my sewing machine.  I sewed three projects this weekend and, as I sit here typing this with an almost-complete knit sock in front of me, I am wondering whether I could squeeze in another project tonight.  Maybe finish a skirt, maybe start (and finish because who am I kidding?) another project bag.  Yet, the sock has only 21 rows left so I will maybe not sew.

I started off Saturday afternoon sewing a zipper project bag from three of the fabrics in a bundle of five quarters I bought at Joann a few weeks ago.  I used a pattern from Simplicity that I bought for one dollar.  I figured that was a pretty good way to learn how to insert a zipper in a boxed-bottom bag.  However, the bag in the pattern was not lined and I wanted to line my bag, so I did a little bit of guesswork on how to line it.  I didn’t end up lining it correctly and there are raw edges visible inside the bag, but it still looks adorable from the outside.

I did successfully figure out how to add a handle where there wasn’t one in the pattern, so I felt like that was a win, anyway. Continue reading