Can’t feel real (hunger)

I have so many things to do by Tuesday. SO MANY THINGS. I won’t bore you with the details, but I had a plan to get most of them done today and then I fell asleep for three and a half hours and now THAT’S out. :/ Oh well. Now I’m taking a break halfway through my Japanese extra credit homework. I would choose the optional thing to do first. I really want the points though, ‘kay?

My stomach is feeling very unsettled right now. I don’t know if it’s the stress of the end of term, what I had for dinner, or what, but it’s sooo uncomfortable. I’m toasting up a slice of bread to eat in an effort to settle it.

It occurs to me that this post won’t even really be relevant a half hour from now, as there are so many “right now” references already. Snapshot in time? Maybe. My toast is done.

I took a bite. It’s yummy.

Is this whole play-by-play thing okay with you?

I think part of the reason my stomach doesn’t feel right is that I tend to have a hard time knowing when I have eaten enough. I’m usually worried about eating too much, so I think I tend to stray on the not enough side. Early this afternoon, Jan and I went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. I ordered a six-piece of traditional wings (with sweet barbecue sauce, very yummy) and had carrot sticks with ranch on the side. I felt satisfied when we left, but then we walked to the other side of downtown to visit a museum and walked another mile home, so I was quite hungry by the time I got home and had a second lunch of cereal, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a granola bar. I felt good after that, but it seemed like a lot of food to me, so I decided to have a small dinner. For dinner I had a slice of pizza, a small salad, and a peanut butter cookie. Maybe that was actually too little. I really couldn’t tell you.

I’m having another slice of toast, this one with peanut butter. I think it was too little.

How do you know when you’ve eaten enough? It seems like people always say to eat until you’re not hungry anymore, but that never works for me because I obviously feel less hungry after every bite I eat, and even if I’m hungry for a whole meal, I won’t feel hungry anymore after something like a granola bar. I didn’t even feel hungry for dinner today, but it was getting late and I knew I had to eat. Hungry for me means stomach growling. I honestly can’t identify any other hunger symptoms. Hunger symptoms? Eh.

Every time I write the word “symptoms”, I remember how that’s the word that knocked me out of the school-wide spelling bee finals in fifth grade because I spelled it too quickly and left out the P. Just a note.

7 thoughts on “Can’t feel real (hunger)

  1. I’m not sure where the fine line between hunger and not hunger is, but here’s what I do know:

    1) When I eat very quickly, I feel hungry for a while and eat a lot. And all of a sudden, my brain suddenly realizes how much food I’ve eaten and then I feel bloated.
    2) When I don’t eat that quickly, this doesn’t happen. And when I eat slowly, I do eventually just stop wanting to eat.

    So if you eat slowly, then you probably aren’t overeating? I wouldn’t think about it too much. I guess that as long as you are getting hungry only a few times a day, that you’re just fine.

  2. Ugh omg I hate that feeling! I am always hungry. Like I’d eat lunch at 12 then get hungry again at 1. Eat dinner at 7, get hungry again at 8. We are the exact same. I like pizza, granola bars, cereal, and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches too ^_^

  3. I know how you feel.
    I’m constantly hungry. Even after eating a huge meal, I’ll think that I’m hungry an hour later. Sometimes I can’t even tell the difference between being hungry and being full. Is that bad?

  4. Oh dear. I have trouble knowing too if I’ve eaten enough — I tend to go overboard a lot so with me it’s usually I eat too little or I eat too much in an almost bingelike fashion. I guess that’s one of the reasons I am currently struggling with an eating disorder (recovering from it though, which only makes it harder). :/ That is besides the point, though. Usually I know when I feel satiated because my stomach tends to stretch too far and it gets uncomfortable, but then I get second helpings (usually of fruits — I can never get enough of those sumptuous foods) because I feel stressed out and eating feels comforting. Now I wouldn’t exactly call myself a comfort eater because eating isn’t the first thing I would do if I feel tense, but eating just induces an odd state of calm almost impossible to create by other means. They say you should only eat until you’re 60% full, so I guess finding out how much food you have in your stomach without xray eyes or ESP into your internal organs is some kind of a talent. =))

  5. I guess it is exams/semester end for you? Extra credit is nice actually…I was kind of obsessed with my grades so if I could get more I would’ve done the same thing as you πŸ˜€

    I hope your stomach felt better! Sometimes it is a combination of everything + stress πŸ™

    I usually end up eating more than I need to…either way too less or more is not good x_x. I honestly can’t tell when I have eaten enough…it is like sometimes I will be more hungry than usual and sometimes I won’t feel like eating at all -_- yeah I usually go by stomach growls too xD.

    Aww sucks about the spelling bee…well good luck with your school work and hopefully your stomach doesn’t go hungry too often! Take care ^_^

  6. Well the general rule for how much to eat/when to stop eating is that you shouldn’t eat too fast – because when you eat too fast your body and brain don’t quite register how full you are getting, until you realise you are quiiite full or definitely too full. I think a good “amount” is to stop before you really feel it sit in your stomach and become bloated. A “comfortable” feeling is what i go for, rather than “not hungry” or “full”. Does that even make sense? haha

  7. I don’t know when I’ve eaten “enough”. But I just have certain portions that I eat. Usually after eating I don’t feel hungry OR full (unless I’ve eaten at a restaurant or McDonlads or some pizza place where the portions are usually quite huge.. and still I eat it all).

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