Caffeinated Stream of Consciousness

I think my body is confused. I was tired around 4pm so I made some caffeinated coffee because, even though I’m on holiday break, I didn’t want to take a nap. I think it woke me up for a little while. I drank it slowly and three hours later was just finishing up my 16 ounces when I went to my mom’s work with her to pick up the tips she had forgotten. She’s the assistant store manager at a coffee shop so I got my mug refilled and am still drinking it three hours on. I feel jittery and my body feels on the verge of collapse, but my brain is awake and I do not want to sleep.

I’m confused. Caffeine is a strange thing. My body reacts differently to it every time.

I’m not that confused. And here I am still drinking my coffee. I love this stuff. I take it as strong as possible and I even drink decaf when I don’t want the caffeine because I love the flavor. I’m not trying to be some badass, but well…


I have so much Christmas spirit this year it’s ridiculous. Especially considering I’m Jewish and all. Maybe it’s because Chanukah is already over and done for the year, but I just want to celebrate and spread the cheer.

Yesterday while I was running, someone opened their front door, waved, and yelled “Merry Christmas!” to me across the street. I responded in kind and it made me happy to be alive and to be in a place where such friendly people existed. I’m staying at my mom’s apartment for the holidays and there aren’t the best running routes around, but I think I can live with it. 🙂

I am so going to buy a Santa hat and go for a run wearing it on Christmas Day. Hopefully some people will see me and get some joy from it, but I will have a blast no matter what.

Hats are fun, okay? Last week while writing one of my several final papers, I was feeling demotivated so I put on my super-fun Tokidoki baseball cap and everything was better. My birthday is 21 January, you know… 😉

And I will be 20. Finally I will be an adult age. People are always shocked to find out I am only 19 and I feel so young to say it. Most of my friends have complained about turning 20 because they’re “getting old” or it’s “scary” or whatever, but I honestly can’t wait.

One month from today and the world ain’t over!

2 thoughts on “Caffeinated Stream of Consciousness

  1. I’m so happy ahhhh. Christmas spirit is the best. I was about to say that I don’t have much Christmas spirit but I sent a bunch of handmade cards to people! Even Andrew (I was debating against it for numerous reasons). And he liked it! Christmas isn’t really what it used to be for us as a family but I’m feeling good because we’ll have an extra member of the family and it’ll probably bring back the spirit in lost years, despite my parents working long hours. Not to mention there’s been some Christmas spirit at work, too 🙂 I suddenly remembered how much I miss Kumon and our little parties! Graaahhh!

    I find that even though I love the smell of coffee, I am picky towards the taste. As you know, most of the time I just have it straight without anything. A few times, on the go, no one really makes coffee like I do my shitty homemade way, so I have to get something fancy or flavourful. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I know when I’m craving coffee is when I actually need it and have been up for ages.

    Caffeine is odd.

  2. I don’t know what people say about age these days, but as a 21-year old, I can say that 20 is not old, and neither is 21. I’m active and vibrant, and no matter what my age is, that’s all that matters. Go make the holidays and your birthday a blast! From what I can tell, you’ve been working really hard and it’s time for you to get some much needed celebration!

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