Blogging – A Reflection on Reason

I really like the feeling of people caring what I have to say. I guess that’s why I blog instead of keeping a diary–there’s more of a point, more of a chance someone will read it and care. Why would anyone but the worst of people read my diary? Not that I keep one. I don’t. I’ve tried. The motivation is lacking when I’m the only audience.

Of course, I don’t return comments for a couple days, and this endeavor suddenly seems a lot more like a diary, shut away from eyes that couldn’t even care less what’s inside. This isn’t an attack on you, Dear Reader, nor anyone but myself, my motivation.

I write because I like to write. I write because I have things to say. And apparently I write because I want to have a voice. Don’t we all?

I guess no one gets heard by sitting, doing nothing, and hoping the ears will flock to his mouth.

8 thoughts on “Blogging – A Reflection on Reason

  1. I’ve tried keeping a diary before. It didn’t work out too well – I gave up after a few days. Keeping a diary isn’t the same as keeping a blog, because no one would be able to relate to me or know what I’m feeling.

    I love blogging not because I like to write, but because I like to share my stories. I also get to connect with people from all over the world.

  2. Like Nugget, I tried and failed to keep a personal written diary when I was younger. I found that I shared over 90% of what I wrote in the diary with other people anyways. If the diary wasn’t actually secret, then what was the point of keeping a diary?

    And like everyone else here, I found that I liked it when people read my blog and cared that I had something good to say. I also enjoy reading and commenting on other people’s blogs because there is a lot to learn by hearing what other people have to say. Personally I see nothing wrong with returning comments a couple days later – you return comments when you can and when you want to. I’d much rather read a quality late comment rather than a hastily-composted one that was written a couple days earlier.

  3. My written diary was read by someone who should never have got their grubby lil hands on it, so a blog is the go for me. Plus I am a nerd and like to do nerdy things ^_^
    I love what you wrote, short and sweet and to the point … :love:

  4. Diaries are bad. You write but you don’t get heard or understood. A blog is the best way to have a voice. It is the way of expressing yourself–showing people how you are built as a person. Just continue on what you do, don’t be affected by what’s happening. The important thing is you have a voice that people can hear and relate to.

  5. I kept a real-life diary for all of… Hmm, three days? XD

    I prefer the digital blogging route. I agree with all the comments above whole-heartedly. 🙂 I feel I can express myself better online because I can incorporate my design with my words (designing and writing, two of my most favourite things!), and there’s that that feeling of ‘no holding back’ or ‘skipping’ because I type like a maniac on a keyboard as opposed to my wrist beginning to ache and getting slightly bored when putting pen to paper. XD /lazy

    I love reading different blogs from people all over the world from all walks of life. I feel like I’m constantly being educated by learning a lot from other people and their attitudes and outlooks on life. Almost like it makes me a ‘better’ person to understand and view certain situations and scenarios from another set of eyes. 🙂 I love it.

  6. I think most people who blog will be able to connect with what you’re saying, and you put it in a really beautiful way! It’s much more rewarding to yourself to see people’s responses to not only your writing, but your life, and the way you live it. When you write a diary, there’s no real reward from it – you just end up analysing yourself.

    This blog has made me think about my blog now! And why I write it….

  7. I do keep a diary mainly because some parts of my life are better kept to myself. Yes, my reader would still be my future self and it’s better to have a hard copy. <3 But blogging is something different to me, I blog because I also love to write and to share my life to the world.

    People has their own different opinions, don't they? 🙂

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