Bayshore Aftermath and a Picnic

The day after the Bayshore Half Marathon, I ran four easy recovery miles with Jessica. Then I did basically nothing for two days. It killed me, but my legs didn’t work, so there’s that.

I got back into the gym yesterday for the first time since May 19th. I did legs!! With my injury and trying to heal up as much as possible for Bayshore, I hadn’t done ANY lower-body weight training in like two and a half weeks. So yesterday morning felt fucking great. I did squats. I hadn’t done squats since May 6th. The DOMS, man, the DOMS. I have to use my hands to get up from my chair at work because my quads are so sore. I feel spectacular!

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Camille and I met up to cook dinner and have a picnic.

I am vegetarian. Camille is vegan. We made vegan Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

Vegan cheese is pretty good. Maybe I could be a vegan.

We also made vegan brownies. They were rustic. Because bumps.

We didn’t have enough chocolate nor enough sugar, but they turned out amazing anyway. I had one in my oatmeal this morning.

My food photography is impeccable, I know. I’m sorry.

Cook up anything delicious lately? Any race plans for the summer? I don’t think I’m doing any more races till the fall, but I’m volunteering at a couple the next two weeks. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Bayshore Aftermath and a Picnic

  1. Kudos to you on all that running! I am not much of an athlete, so I didn’t even know there was a thing as running recovery miles x_x Intense! haha. Good job 🙂

    I like the looks of your oatmeal, it has a lot of goodies in it! hehe. The yummiest thing I’ve baked up recently was a chocolate bundt cake. I’ll probably make it again in two weeks for my bf’s graduation 🙂

    1. Haha yep, recovery running is supposed to be done nice and easy and it loosens up the muscles, or at least keeps them from tightening up too much. My calves are kind of at the point of no return right now though. xD

      Congratulations to your boyfriend on his upcoming graduation!

  2. All the food looks delicious 😀 And that might be the best looking oatmeal I’ve ever seen. Next time I make brownies, that is happening.

  3. Hey!

    Your food looks delicious (I’m vegetarian too 😛 )

    I had no idea you were injured! Sounds like you’re recovering well, which is a good thing 🙂 So what are your summer plans?

  4. Serious kudos to you getting back to the gym after a break for whatever reason – I always find that when the momentum of going regularly is broken… it’s pretty tough to get it back!! Your sandwiches look amazing – I could totally be vegan if I could eat like that every day!!

  5. God when I saw “an easy four miles” my jaw just dropped, haha. I think I’d die after a quarter of one. That and the mention of a half-marathon has totally promoted you to superhero status in my eyes. 😉 I’ve been thinking about getting into running for a while but I don’t really know where to start… what would you suggest for someone completely new to it to do to ease into it? I exercise a bit, but nothing kickass like your running and weightlifting.

    I’m glad your injury is better!

    Those sandwiches look so good, as do the brownies. It’s making me hungry. XD It always amazes me how food can be adapted to suit specialist diets… I’ve been reading a bit about the paleo diet recently and some of the recipes for paleo versions of non-paleo treats just look amazing.

    I tried my hand at some paleo pumpkin pancakes this morning and they were pretty good, if I say so myself. 🙂 I’ve also started cooking a bit for the family, which is terrifying. I have to appease four hungry beasts each time, but my Jambalaya went down well, as did the quiche I made.

    Take care! xx

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of running. I’d struggle just running down the street haha. Glad your injury’s healing.

    The food looks lovely. I wish I could cook, haha. Pasta’s about the only thing I can make unfortunately.


  7. You are my hero~! Good luck on the running. I would run, but I’m short with short legs and short people don’t run unless we absolutely need to. Lol

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