And couldn’t get up in the morning

It’s about 2pm right now, and I just woke up. I may have gone to bed at six in the morning–I started watching a two-hour movie at four with my boyfriend, hah. It drives me crazy having such a weird sleep schedule and I’ve definitely been all over the place all week. I keep falling asleep in the evening and not being tired later as a result! Or I just wake up really late and then go to sleep really late that night.

I need to get back on a normal sleep schedule… by tomorrow, basically. My voice lesson, usually scheduled for 5pm on Tuesdays, has been moved to 10:30 Sunday morning this week. That’s tomorrow, oops. I also have an exam at 10:30am on Monday (I should start studying…) and I’m working 9am-5pm Tuesday. Why must life require important things to happen during the day? I don’t know.

I’m typing this in bed right now, but after I finish I will drag myself out and get in the shower. I want to go shopping for my mom and brother’s Chanukah gifts this afternoon, so I should probably be clean for that.

I keep calling it Christmas shopping. “I’m going Christmas shopping today!” I could say that if I was buying anyone a Christmas present, but I’m not. It’s all Chanukah, man. (I thought about buying Christmas presents for a couple friends, but I won’t be seeing them over the holidays, so nah.)

My brother pretty much knows what he’s getting, since I asked him what he wanted and he told me his headphones are broken. They “went down the shit hole”, to be exact. My mom doesn’t even know I’m buying her anything, so that will be nice. 🙂 I really do love giving people presents, especially when they’re going to be surprised. I asked for red leather or suede gloves from my mom back in October, so I’m fairly certain I’m getting those, and I wonder if it takes the fun out of it for my mom. Knowing her, it probably takes the headache out of it more than anything since she doesn’t have to worry about figuring out what the hell to get me. I’m a tricky one, me.

Have you done your holiday shopping yet, or are you incredibly late like me? I only have until 21 December as Chanukah starts the 20th and I’m going home from uni the night of the 21st. Are you even buying anyone anything? Do you tend to give gifts all year round–when I see something that makes me think of someone, I often buy it for them, no matter the season–or do you only give at Christmas time? Who are you shopping for this year? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. I hate having weird sleep schedules! But it doesn’t really affect me because I still sleep like a pig at night even if I got a lot of sleep in the day. And you sound busy – hope you get everything done well. 🙂
    I have never actually done proper Christmas shopping before. I doubt I’ve actually prepared REAL Christmas presents to give. Maybe this year I will so yes I’m very late but it doesn’t worry me. My friends, family and I don’t really celebrate Christmas like most people do I guess. If I do get presents this year I’ll only shop for my few close friends. My family members would just say I’m giving them more things to add to their collection of trash hahaha it’s true and not offensive in anyway. Some of my other friends make their own cards and post them to one another. It’s a good idea, very meaningful, too but I won’t do that because i can’t make my own cards and i don’t like to buy cards either.

    And thank you! The girl with the highlights in her hair is not my friend. It’s me. Hahahah!

  2. I’ve been having a wierd sleep schedules too… for the past 4 days i’ve been sleeping either at 10pm and waking up at 2 am and studying or like last night I slept at 2 am and woke up jst half and hour ago!!!
    Btw what is Chanukah? I’ve heard of it before… 😉

  3. Christmas shopping always comes too late, ne? 8D I still need a few things and then I’m done with shopping. :3 But sending out those cards is still a problem! XD I forgot it yesterday.

    But I hope you will be able to find a good schedule for your sleeping pattern. :3

  4. I want to buy Christmas presents for some friends but I don’t really see them either. I think I’ll just buy for my family because they’ll be surprised. They have no idea I’m getting them things.

    I didn’t ask my brother what he wanted but today I asked him if he was going to hang out with friends in the summer. He thought it was a weird question to ask and I totally didn’t want to tell him about his present. He probably has no idea what it is even if he has an inkling that I am getting him something.

    James is not a night person… at all. I have to say that sadly when we get married I will be sleeping a lot earlier… but I think that’s a good thing, anyway. 🙂

    I say Christmas shopping even though sometimes I’m really just going grocery shopping to treat myself. HAHA, I’m kidding. But since not everyone celebrates Christmas… you could always say present-shopping. Christmas is just so universal that people understand you’re just buying gifts for someone. There’s no need to ‘show’ people you’re not Christian or such. I’m saying this because my mum’s colleague said “Merry Christmas” to customers as they walked out and one got all snobby and said, “You mean HAPPY HOLIDAYS”.

  5. Oh man! Nocturnal sleep schedule! It is so easy to get on one of those. If my boyfriend and I were both freelancers, then we would both have terrible sleep schedules all the time.

    I tend to buy things when I see them and save them until Christmas. Often, I am somewhat rushed at the end, but I’m proud to say that I get my shopping done and that I like giving people presents. Usually, I get nicer things for family and boyfriend and small things, like cookies, cards, etc. for good friends.

    Personally, I appreciate both a surprise and what I want. I like silly surprises. I read somewhere that people generally like it better when you give them what they want, and as a person who has a hard time coming up with gift ideas, having them tell me removes a lot of headache.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Jolly Kwanza, Happy Holidays! It’s nice that many groups of people are all celebrating at the same time. 😀

  6. I can relate to your sleep issues. I’m always sleeping late and waking up early or vice versa. I sleep in on the weekends which is not good when I need to wake up at 6am to get ready for work. It used to be even worse in high school though.
    I like buying random little gifts for people – it makes both me and them happy. Though, I’m not buying anything for Christmas… I don’t really celebrate Christmas.

    Happy Chanukah 😀

  7. Like you, my sleeping pattern is all out of whack. I have gone to sleep after 5AM for the past week, even on the days that required me to get up at 7:30AM to get ready for work! Just horrible. I blame college for my late nights because before Winter Break began, at school, work kept me up into the wee hours – either that or socializing. Ha. I prefer being awake during the night anyway.

    As for Christmas gifts, I will probably be getting my mom and grandmother a gift – they deserve it. In past years, I have not been able to really buy gifts for anyone in my family because I did not have any money saved up nor a source of income; this year will be different. If I can manage and find nice, reasonably price gifts, I may get my older siblings a gift as well.

    Notice that I said “I will be getting” and “may get” which indicates I haven’t bought a single gift yet! I’m late like you, however, I plan to get all of this taken care if this week when I’m off work.

    Happy Chanukah 😀

  8. Yay on being a fellow crocheter! (Is that a word? Crocheter?) Have you checked out It’s a great community of crocheters and knitters. I get all of my patterns on there, and they have a nice project system where you can keep track of any projects you’re currently working on.

    I like being surprised, but I’d rather be surprised by someone who knows me well enough to know what I like 😛 My friends and I typically don’t give each other lists since we know each other so well. But, I have an Amazon wish list anyway that they can check out, if they want. That way if they’re stumped, they’ll have an idea. I do ask my siblings for one (big) thing they want and then I give them little things I know they will like.

    Maybe your mom will surprise you with something else besides the gloves? That would be fantastic!

  9. LOL I just had my last exam today and when I finish returning all my comments I’m going right to bed and probably gonna sleep until the afternoon tomorrow. I have such a horrible sleep schedule. I’m napping during the day then going to sleep at 3 in the morning, and waking up at 7.

    I wonder too why important things can’t happen at night. Maybe because most people aren’t nocturnal.

    I had such a tough time Christmas shopping, especially since I had a paper due the next day as well as a final to study for. I’m also horrible about buying presents because I never know what people want! I never want to ask people because that ruins the element of surprise. I don’t know why Christmas shopping is such a huge deal, if I were to give presents other times during the year. It would make things easier especially since I was stuck with finals stress the whole time.

    But if you’re curious I have to buy presents for a few of my friends, my parents, my brother, and my cousin + aunt.

    Sorry for not responding to your comment last time I returned comments. Bubble accounts were inaccessible as you know. However now that I’m free I don’t need to dedicate comment-returning days as I can do them anytime!

    Lol I don’t think I’m ever embarrassed by my mom. There’s really nothing to be embarrassed about even if she’ll lecture me in front of people sometimes. I know she’s embarrassed about the way I act because she doesn’t like it. Boohoo.

    Awww I always thought Mario was an easy game compared to most video games, that’s why I like it so much! I’ve never played Yoshi’s Island though so who knows.

    Maybe our dads are typical of men? Hmm most guys I know aren’t like them though, but maybe it’s something doing with old age or families. I dunno, maybe it’ll be something I learn later.

    I kinda give up on the internet situation at home. The Wifi certainly doesn’t work. So I’m just looking to moving out in maybe a few years.

    Hahaha but that’s New Years’! Christmas most people would rather go home to their families, especially Mingyun since he doesn’t have his family here so I guess I can’t really expect him to ditch his relatives haha.

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