A Quick Little Flight

It’s only 9:22pm, but I’m already pretty damn tired. I just spent the last hour or hour and a half cleaning out the big black trunk of doom I keep under my bed. I was able to get rid of a good amount of stuff, but the trunk still exists, which is annoying. ๐Ÿ˜›

I still don’t know what I’m doing this summer. I know it seems far away, but I actually finish up the school year at the end of April, so I’m almost done. I have a place to sublet from a friend, but I don’t know yet whether I will be able to take classes over the summer since they still haven’t processed my summer financial aid application. It’s especially annoying because registration for the summer is in only a couple weeks now and I’d really like to know what’s going on. I guess that’s just me trying to jump ahead too far, though. I can always register and then drop all the classes if I don’t get funds. There’s really no need to stress. I guess I’m just tired.

I wrote probably a couple months ago now about how I wanted to get on a better sleep schedule, sleeping relatively early and waking up at a nice time, like 7am or earlier (my earliest class is at 10am). I can say now that I’ve been on that schedule for at least a few weeks. The only problem is the amount of freaking loud people there are in my dorm. I mean, it’s a college dorm, so what did I expect, right? We do have “quiet hours” starting at 11pm, but many people don’t follow them and I guess the residential advisors have a pretty hard time enforcing the rule. Sometimes I go to bed before 11, but I think I actually get woken most often between 12 and 2am. Once, I was woken by some guy outside my door yelling at the top of his lungs about how “hopped up on Mountain Dew” he was. Cool, bro.

I’m really looking forward to my run tomorrow morning. I’m only planning to run 2.5 miles to give my legs a little rest before I try to run 5 miles on Friday, but I’m excited to devise a new route and feel the wind in my face, so to speak. Of course, unless there’s any actual wind, there won’t be wind in my face. I don’t run that fast. After my run this past Saturday, though, I did come home to find a small fly squished on my forehead. Must have been one slow fly.

Rachel, the human windshield!

That should be my new thing.

6 thoughts on “A Quick Little Flight

  1. Omg, that is sooo funny, that thing about the fly squished on your forehead. OK maybe not funny for you until after the initial “ewwww”.

  2. I always get tired around 10PM. I swear, I’m getting old. I know I’m only 19 but when I was like 16/17 I used to stay up for hours on end… maybe it was the coffee, though. Lol.

    Hope your plans for the summer work out! Don’t stress too much about it – it’ll all fall into place ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hate noisy people! I don’t live in a college dorm but I live in a student house with 4 other people and the people downstairs are always up until like 2AM playing World of Warcraft or sometimes even cooking. Sigh.

    I’ve been meaning to start running but I am sooo lazy. I just need some motivation, I guess. Lol at the fly!

    I used to not like watching films either because they’re long and I always get distracted but I don’t know since my friend got me into watching all these films, I’ve been sucked in! Haha ๐Ÿ˜›

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