Spinning on a Drop Spindle is a Rollercoaster

Last fall, I took a class on how to spin with a drop spindle.  I was pretty into it for a while, managed to spin all the sample fiber I was given in the class, and knit a couple projects with it.  At the same time, I bought some pretty fiber in one of my favorite colors, but I decided I preferred not to spin it on a drop spindle and put myself on the hold list to borrow a spinning wheel from the library.  In January, I finally got the wheel, spun up most of that fiber, knit aContinue reading

Summer Goals for 2016

I’m not saying this is a return to blogging, but I felt the urge tonight and I’m not going to say no to being inspired to blog for the first time in months.  It has been long enough since I last wrote that it would be absolutely impossible to catch you up on everything, so I’ll just dive right in. Glenn is sitting behind me setting a whole bunch of goals and sub-goals for the rest of the year, neatly categorized into where they fit into his life.  This has reminded me that the summer feels like it is flyingContinue reading