Israel: Mount Meron, Tzfat, and Tiberias

So, I did not get time to blog in Israel.  We had very limited free time and I did not want to spend it on my phone.  I returned to the States four days ago and came back to Michigan the next day.  I dealt with some apartment-related stress and am now ready to catch up on my blog posts from my time in Israel!

Our third day there began with a hike at Mount Meron.  I’ll be honest; the hikes in the first few days have all kind of run together for me.  They were all similar, all of them had lookout points, and of course they were all amazing.  I took just a couple photos during the Mount Meron hike:

view from mount meron

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Israel: Days One and Two

I am on a bus riding back to the hotel at the end of our third day at 1am. We don’t get a lot of free time because our days here in Israel are packed full of as much as possible. I’ll just do a quick overview of the first two days of the trip.

We spent a very long time traveling to our destination from NYC to a kibbutz hotel in the north of Israel. When we finally arrived, we went to Caesarea before going to our hotel. We did an opening ceremony there.

Caesarea Aqueduct
selfie at the Mediterranean
Look mom, I made it!

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NYC: Day Two

As I sit in an airport in Vienna waiting for my flight to Tel Aviv, I thought I would write a little about my day in New York yesterday. I won’t write much because I want to socialize with the people in my Birthright group and I need to figure out if I can acquire coffee without euros. Keep in mind I only slept two hours on the plane and it is 2am in Michigan, so sorry for any and all really bad writing. 
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NYC: Day One

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m currently traveling on a two-week vacation. I’m heading off to Israel tomorrow, but I spent this weekend in New York City with Matt, who is going home Monday while I meet up with my Birthright group. Yesterday was our first day in the city and both of our first times here. We are unashamed of being tourists, and tourists we were. 

We had an early flight (7:20am) out of Detroit, so we got up at 4am and were out the door by 5. That actually ended up being too late as we only got to our gate one minute before boarding since I had to check a bag, but it all worked out. 🙂

The flight from Michigan to New York is very short and we were off the plane and had collected my luggage by 9am! And then… We waited an hour and a half for our shuttle to our hotel. Something about not knowing we needed to talk to a desk, blah blah we were wrong blah. 😛
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Israel, Here I Come!

In 2008 when I was 15, I had the opportunity to travel to Israel for a whole month with other Jewish teens in my community.  It was an amazing experience and one I still tell stories about on a regular basis.  I knew at the time that going on the trip meant I would lose my eligibility for Taglit-Birthright, a free trip to Israel.  The rules had always been that you couldn’t go on Birthright if you had been on an organized trip with your peers at any time in your life.  Last year, they changed that rule–now, those of us who had been on such trips but whose trips were for high school-aged students can apply to Birthright!  I applied earlier this year and was offered my first choice trip: Israel by Foot with Israel Outdoors.

I was lucky enough to get to take the two weeks off work needed for the trip, which is July 13th to the 24th.  Since July 13th is a Monday and I have to arrive in NYC the day before that to guarantee that I make my flight, I decided to arrive Saturday the 11th instead and enjoy a mini-vacation in NYC beforehand.  So, over the next two weeks, I will be doing quite a bit of traveling.  Matt is coming with me to New York and we have a jam-packed itinerary planned for Saturday and Sunday (neither of us has been there before), then I am off to Israel, where I will be traveling all over the country. Continue reading