Running, Adult Parties, and a Smelly Sentiment

The last few days have been really awesome.  It was pretty rough getting back into the work groove after a beautiful four-day weekend up north (northern Michigan).  Life on a lake in a cabin off a secluded dirt road etc etc, even if it’s only for four days, is idyllic and just swept me away.  I can’t wait to hopefully go back for the Fourth of July. The good thing about working after a long weekend is that the week that follows is also a day short.  It is already Friday and it seemed to come up so fast.  IContinue reading

Race Recap: Bayshore Half Marathon

I ran this same race last year in 1:57:11, which I wrote about on my old blog if you are interested in reading about it.  This year, I ran a full 20 minutes slower at 2:17:12 (net time).  I can’t even compare the two races though because my circumstances were completely different.  Last year, like this year, I was hurt leading up to the race, but last year, I ran three weeks over 40 miles and many in the 30s in the months leading up to the race, whereas this year I have only been able to run two 20-mile weeksContinue reading

Resting training 5/12-5/18/14

After re-tweaking my hip on Tuesday, I ended up taking the rest of the week really easy trying to sort it out.  No more running and as little walking as possible until it was feeling better.  I was able to go for a walk Sunday night without pain, but running still feels out of the question.  I still want to play it super safe to make sure I make it to the starting line (and the finish!) of Bayshore on Saturday. I walked to work this morning (Monday), which is about 2 miles, and I felt probably just as goodContinue reading

Thursday Night Date Night

Because otherwise my blog is just going to be complaints about my hip until it heals again, let me tell you about Matt and my impromptu date night last night. 🙂 I texted him yesterday afternoon while we were both at work asking if he wanted to go to Zingerman’s for dinner.  Zingerman’s is a well-known, popular deli in Ann Arbor, but their sandwiches are expensive ($13 for a small and $16 for a large) and it is a little out of the way, so neither of us had been there before, even though we have both lived here for four years.Continue reading

I Forgot to be Careful and Hip Twinges

Yesterday I wrote about being careful and adding a little more mileage this week.  Yesterday I was not careful and now I am worried. Yesterday, the morning was beautiful so I decided to run one of my favorite loops.  Two days before yesterday I had run 10 miles for my long run, and my daily runs have been 2.5-4 miles, with a 5 here and there.  Yesterday, I was reckless and ran 6 miles.  I knew entering the park that doing the whole loop would be too much, but I ran past the turnaround that would make it 3ish andContinue reading