Some Thoughts About Heart Rate

I have a stress injury–most likely a stress fracture–in my right foot, so I’m not allowed to run for at least four weeks. I’m still planning to run my half marathon at the end of May, so I’m doing other cardio in hopes of maintaining fitness. Today I would usually do my long run (about 80-90 minutes), so I spent 90 minutes on a stationary bike, instead. 30 minutes on an upright spin bike and then an hour doing some “around the world” hill program on a recumbent bike because I got bored and also the seat was more comfortable. Continue reading

Review: NuGO Organic Bar: Double Dark Chocolate

I’m a big fan of nutrition bars, so it’s awesome that there’s a convenience store with a huge selection right in the building where I work. The other day I needed a snack to tide me over until dinner, but I, gasp, wanted something other than a Clif bar for once in my life. I’ve been curious about these bars for a while, so I picked up a NuGO Organic Bar in Double Dark Chocolate. The basics: vegan, organic, 10g of protein, contains antioxidants The wrapper suggests that other protein bars taste too sweet and that this bar’s “real” darkContinue reading

Fueling in the Mornings

I have never been someone who doesn’t eat breakfast. As a kid I always had breakfast and you never had to tell me that it was the most important meal of the day. Breakfast foods are still my favorite foods and I crave them almost all the time. Buuuut I also feel like I eat an absurd amount for breakfast. Okay, I don’t honestly eat that much for breakfast, but it’s more than some people and I do wonder. Like, I saw my friend eat just a banana and a little 130-cal energy bar before his 12-mile run on Saturday.Continue reading

I Ate a Doughnut Today

This morning I went over to a friend’s house and ran with a group of friends he had pulled together. We all did a nice little loop through some trails and across many cute wooden bridges, then three of us went back out and hit the pavement for another half hour. It was somewhere between 8 and 9 miles. Good enough for my long run. I had decided early on to run for time instead of distance today. The friend hosting the group had picked up a dozen doughnuts last night for us all to share after running. I hadContinue reading