Food and Running and Tumblr and RESTING

I have a stupidly insatiable appetite today. I think it’s because I ran 16 miles over the course of the last two days. My body is still catching up. I forget sometimes that my body doesn’t know the difference between weeks. My mind knows that Sunday is the end of one running week and Monday is the beginning of the next, but my body doesn’t know that Monday’s 8 miles counted for this week and Sunday’s 9 counted for last. It just thinks, “What are you doing running 8 miles today???” In retrospect it was a stupid idea and IContinue reading

Review: Saucony Guide 6

Last night I was given the opportunity to wear-test a pair of the Saucony Guide 6, the newest edition of one of Saucony’s stability shoes. From the website: The latest edition of our flagship shoe arrives with a fit and ride even more attuned to the needs of runners seeking stability in an everyday training shoe. A new sole unit features triangular IBR+ pads integrated with deeper grooves in the forefoot for better flexibility and responsiveness. Three independently responsive pods in the SRC crashpad provide a smooth, efficient transition onto the midfoot, while a midfoot saddle promotes a snug, secureContinue reading


Okay, I admit it, my legs are perpetually sore. Such is the life of a runner. My calf muscles especially. It’s always at least one calf. Not that I’m complaining. I take it as a personal badge of honor. I adore muscle soreness because it means I am getting stronger, so I must be doing something right. People complain about DOMS–delayed-onset muscle soreness–but I seriously love it. I love the feeling of waking up sore in the morning after a hard workout the day before. There’s nothing like that little confirmation that what I’m doing is paying off. Muscle soreness?Continue reading

SS IPhone

So I got an iPhone. An iPhone 5 to be exact, and she’s a beaut. Actually, I think she’s probably male, but I love her like a car or a ship, so she it is. I’ve had the phone for a week now and I still can’t believe that 1) she’s mine and 2) she can actually do all the shit she can do. Like, I grab my phone and listen to music, take decent-quality pictures, browse the Internet… and every so often it will strike me that I am doing these things with a PHONE. Last night: “I can’tContinue reading

My Healthy (I Swear!) Internet Addiction

I have gotten addicted to this site called Fitocracy. Basically it’s a fitness social network. Calls itself THE fitness social network, I believe. Anyway, it’s pretty sweet. I mean, you probably know by now based on how I won’t freaking shut up about running that I’m really into, well, running, plus working out and just overall being active. Also, I like the Internet. A lot. So I freaking love this website. I get points for tracking workouts and level up at certain point thresholds. I get achievements and can complete quests. In the middle of typing this, I literally layContinue reading