I Love/Hate Public Transit

It’s two weeks since I’ve felt like blogging, so I haven’t, but hey, I’m here now! I’m currently enjoying a slice of bread with apple butter. I hate waking up late because breakfast ends up at lunchtime (it’s nearing 11am) and then things get all messed up. :/ There are two bus systems in my town: the city buses and the university buses. Being a student, I get to ride both for free. I ride a university bus to and from work each day, but I hate the city buses. Riding them really stresses me out. It has nothing toContinue reading

Where Have My Earplugs Gone?

As you may know, my summer living situation involves sharing a studio apartment with a very nice girl I know from high school. An apartment with a studio layout has no bedrooms, instead having the living area double as a bedroom. I guess it’s kind of like a dorm room in that regard. Because of this, I started off the summer having trouble getting a good night’s sleep. Although the two of us had to wake up at roughly the same time each morning, I would usually go to bed before her and any little noise she made would wakeContinue reading