Gamer Girls?

As I think anyone who plays video games knows, there is a stereotype out there that girls are not supposed to play video games. I’ve seen guys on the Internet try to bring girls down by telling them they’re not supposed to like gaming. There are also people who think it’s totally sexy for a girl to be into games. This stereotype has led to the “gamer girl” label, and it’s a label that really bugs me. Girls are regular people, just like guys. Why then do we not call them “gamer guys”? Oh right, because chicks don’t play games.Continue reading

Circuit Training: The Importance of Attitude

Circuit training is any routine of exercises repeated quickly in succession with minimal rest between sets. There are many forms of circuit training: alternating bursts of high-intensity aerobic activity such as running or jumping rope with conditioning (i.e. strength training) exercises such as ab or arm routines, or even just moving quickly through conditioning exercises. Rests should be as short as possible, which for me means no pause between exercises and a count to five between sets. This short article on discusses some of the benefits of circuit training if you are interested. Don’t rob yourself of success IContinue reading

The Most Fun Chore

You know, I don’t know what it is, but I actually love washing dishes. Well, I suppose “love” is a bit of a strong word, but I really do not mind the task. I don’t mind washing others’ dishes as well as my own; I don’t even mind it when there’s a huge pile and it takes me twenty minutes. I always put off washing dishes as long as possible, unless I’m at my mom’s place because she gets mad if dishes aren’t washed almost immediately after use, and yet when there are heaps of dishes to wash and we’reContinue reading

2012 Michigan Challenge Balloonfest

I spent this past weekend at my mom’s apartment and I’ll admit I had quite a bit of fun. My weekends can get pretty dull during the summer what with me not taking classes and all, so it’s nice to go home and have people around without having to go out of my way to make plans. See, I prefer relaxing to going out with friends, so at my mom’s place I can relax without being alone! Not that I relax all the time. I mean, my brother and I worked out together and my mom and I visited aContinue reading

Photos from Gallup Park

My work had a picnic yesterday afternoon in a really beautiful park on the Huron River. It was such a gorgeous day so I decided to wander around and take some shots. Of course, I’m still using my little point-and-shoot, but I think the lighting helped these turn out alright. As always, critique is welcome and appreciated. 🙂