The Golden Age of Blogging

I’m sitting here in the Language Resource Center at my uni making free time where there is none. I’ve been busy all day and I have heaps to do for tomorrow and the next day, but I need some time to relax, okay? I think we all do sometimes. 🙂 For my degree, I have to take this class called “Managing the Information Environment”. It’s only worth one credit (the minimum) and I’m taking it pass/fail (as is required), but the work still gets on my nerves sometimes. We’ve “learned” things like how to “use” Photoshop. I’ve ended up teachingContinue reading

There’s a bird’s nest on my head

I have some time to kill before my next class starts in just over an hour. Nope, I don’t get this lovely little break usually; I’m skipping Italian. :X I guess with the semester almost ending, I’m really losing my motivation. I have to keep pushing though… I still have two papers and two exams left in my “Evaluating Information” class. You would think with only a month left of school they would have planned that a little better, eh? I decided to put my hair up in a cool little mock bun with a slightly teased top and aContinue reading

A Quick Little Flight

It’s only 9:22pm, but I’m already pretty damn tired. I just spent the last hour or hour and a half cleaning out the big black trunk of doom I keep under my bed. I was able to get rid of a good amount of stuff, but the trunk still exists, which is annoying. 😛 I still don’t know what I’m doing this summer. I know it seems far away, but I actually finish up the school year at the end of April, so I’m almost done. I have a place to sublet from a friend, but I don’t know yetContinue reading

Run Free

I’ve been so productive this weekend it’s not even funny. I think I might even be able to cross everything off my list by the end of today, which is something I have not been able to do in a long time. School and laziness are always getting in the way. Mostly laziness, I guess. I mean, there’s really no reason not to get through everything on a WEEKEND list besides laziness, right? Especially when I usually include schoolwork in my list… Yeah, I just suck. But not today! Georgina and I are doing this thing we’re calling The Seventy-One.Continue reading

Wish it were Sunday, whoa-oh

I used to hate Sundays. I used to hate Sundays a lot. I also used to hate waking up early and I used to hate doing homework. I mean, I still hate doing homework, but I like the feeling of accomplishment and productivity when I get something done. Yesterday (Sunday, surprise surprise) I had such a long list of things to do. Suuuch a long list! I didn’t get through the whole thing–I didn’t get to practice the song I have to bring to my voice lesson on Tuesday, nor did I wash the dishes or get ahead on homeworkContinue reading