The beautiful languages

There’s this Japanese Twitter user, @Yuya__ne__, who follows me on Twitter. I follow him too, and this mutual following has been going on for probably over a year now. At least a year, for sure. Anyway, he’s studying English and I’m studying Japanese, so that’s pretty ace. We had never spoken before, but today I tweeted the following: It’s sad that after 1.5 years of Japanese, I still can’t understand @Yuya__ne__’s tweets. I can read lots of them, but understand? Hah. He responded, expressing surprise that I had already been studying Japanese for a year and a half, and weContinue reading

The Hours of the Day

It’s finally spring break here at my university. Apparently it’s technically winter break, which makes sense because this is “winter semester” and the break is 25 February through 4 March, but we don’t get another break this semester as it’s already halfway over, and I think most people think of our break over the holidays as “winter break”, so this just has to be spring break. You know the clichés about going somewhere tropical and partying? That really does happen. To be honest, I’m jealous. I’ll be staying in town and working full time this week. I’m glad to doContinue reading

Fog lenses

I’ve been spending so much time studying lately that it seems like all I do. I thought maybe I haven’t had much free time in the last couple weeks because I have been spending so much time with Jan, but I was thinking just now and I realized all we have even been doing together is homework and studying (we watched a 90-minute movie yesterday, but shhh). Such is the life of a university student at exam time. I’m finally at the point where I have only one midterm left, but it’s still a midterm… I spent kind of aContinue reading

Your doors are closed to me

I’m sitting at one of those iMacs with the giant screens in the “Community Learning Center” at the top of my dorm building. In my dazed state this morning, I first almost locked myself out of my room, then I actually did upon going back for my key and grabbing my student ID instead, which of course I didn’t realize until I was outside the bathroom door holding dishes to wash and all the relevant supplies. My stuff is now sitting outside my room door, and I have to wait until 9 to be let back into my room. IContinue reading

Amo il Caffè

It seems like I only ever blog at work anymore. I did mean to type up a post yesterday evening at home, but then I got caught up playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. I beat the game (finally!) on Saturday, but I’m intent on finishing up a few other sets of side quests before I go ahead and buy Revelations. I’m drinking this ridiculous size of coffee right now. Last week, I went to Starbucks because I had a gift card, where I ordered a decaf coffee. They didn’t have any brewed, unsurprisingly, so they had to do this “pour-over” thing,Continue reading