Don’t rain on my parade

Let’s pretend for a moment that making a new layout for was the best use of my time today. It’s not like I have a Japanese test tomorrow, or anything. Oh, wait. I just couldn’t take that orange monstrosity anymore, alright? I was proud of it at the time, but I think I was more proud of the fact that I finally got it done after having the header image sitting around for two weeks than I was proud of how it actually looked. I became disillusioned with it rather quickly. That, about a month, was the shortest timeContinue reading


Just before 7am and I’m sitting here enjoying some peanut butter toast before I go to the gym. I’ve been busy lately what with trying to actually keep up with my uni studying and all (I’m taking two languages this semester!), but I’ve been doing well with getting up early and exercising. I haven’t even gone to sleep past midnight more than a couple times in the past week. That’s like a huge accomplishment for me. 😛 Saturday (21 January) was my birthday, so I am now officially nineteen years old. It doesn’t feel any different, not that it would,Continue reading

Girly Gym Problems

Thursday is my long day; I have class from 11am to 4pm and then again from 7 to 10pm. I usually try to go to the gym Thursday mornings before class, but seeing as I would have had to wake up at 7:30 in order to do that and I stayed up until 3am finishing The Fault in Our Stars, I decided to go during my three-hour break before my evening class, instead. I usually try to avoid the gym around 5pm all the way until about 6:30, because that seems to be when EVERYONE goes. I don’t even understand.Continue reading

Mochi mochi mochi mochi

My stomach is full of mochi right now. I just got home from the Mochitsuki, a Japanese new year celebration put on by my uni’s Center for Japanese Studies. I volunteered for four hours and my job was to help at the games table. The time actually passed really quickly because it was basically spent playing games with the people who would come up to the table. I was expecting something more like carnival games where I would simply direct the players in what to do and then monitor their game-play, but instead I got to play Japanese board andContinue reading

Of Reality and Red Scarves

Well, I’m back at uni. Classes start tomorrow and I’m a bit apprehensive. I’m worried I won’t like one of my communications classes because it’s supposed to be all about how to research, but I guess it’s valuable information or they wouldn’t make me take it for my major. I somehow feel like by typing this out, I can get all the negative thoughts about it out of my system and go in with a more positive outlook. That would be nice! I had been putting it off all break, but I finally sorted out my work schedule for thisContinue reading