2012 Michigan Challenge Balloonfest

I spent this past weekend at my mom’s apartment and I’ll admit I had quite a bit of fun. My weekends can get pretty dull during the summer what with me not taking classes and all, so it’s nice to go home and have people around without having to go out of my way to make plans. See, I prefer relaxing to going out with friends, so at my mom’s place I can relax without being alone! Not that I relax all the time. I mean, my brother and I worked out together and my mom and I visited a hot air balloon festival.

The hot air balloon festival, coined Balloonfest, wasn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. There are some carnival rides, some skydiving shows, a small art fair, and most importantly the “Michigan Challenge” balloon races.

When I was younger, and even up until a few years ago, my family would head out to the balloon festival pretty much every year. I most clearly remember one year where my brother and I desperately wanted yo-yo water balloons from the art fair, so our parents were nice enough to by them for us. I remember being bored waiting for the balloon launch that year, but at least my brother and I had our new toys to play with.

This year, everything seemed to have lost its charm. The art fair took like ten minutes to get through, my mom and I bought hot dogs for dinner, and then we sat around and I was bored silly. (We have never bought carnival passes at the festival.) I was like a little kid, constantly telling my mom I was bored and asking when we could leave. I felt bad about it, but she did thank me for coming and she didn’t seem too upset. She said we wouldn’t attend again.

I thought maybe the fest just wasn’t as exciting because I’m not a little kid anymore, but then I remembered we did go while I was in high school. Maybe I have less patience now than I used to, or maybe it was different going with just my mom instead of my brother tagging along as well. I’m still glad I went, but I’m also glad we have no plans to attend in the future.

It probably didn’t help that the sky was overcast. That’s always a downer in the mood department.

Just looking at the balloon pictures annoys me.

4 thoughts on “2012 Michigan Challenge Balloonfest

  1. “Just looking at the balloon pictures annoys me.” Poor Rachel. πŸ™ Too bad the sky was overcast. They would have made better photos. They still don’t look that bad though. πŸ™‚

    Your mum looks so young, man. (Y)

    I remember wanting to go to the Easter Show a lot as a kid. It seemed fun and I thought there was a lot to do but all the time I’d say to my mum ‘I’m bored I’m bored’. I can’t remember how many times I said that to my mum as a kid. Too many, probably. I was an easily bored kid. πŸ˜›

  2. So… you’re from the United States of America. You’re not from Australia. Oh. wow. -_-

    The hot air balloon deal reminds me of the times my mom and stepfather (Tony; “lard” on my blogs) would drag me and my brother Cody (even though he loved it) to these stupid military air shows where we would just sit on the blanket/towel(s) we brought, look up in the air, and watch. It was fun the first time around, but so VERY boring…

    Was the first time you went fun? Maybe it’s because it has the same things/you see the same things or something like that that annoys you so much?

  3. A city north of where I live has a balloon event every year. I don’t remember when it is but I do know it’s during the summer because when I was younger I remember going up toward Cleveland and seeing all the balloons in the sky.

    This summer seems weird and I don’t know. It seems everyone is “busy” or they’re just avoiding me.

  4. OMG a hot air balloon! I’ve always wanted to ride one! I have also never seen that many balloons up close, and I’m sorry that you dislike the pictures. πŸ™

    But if you’ve gone to the festival many many times before, I can understand being bored. I would probably be board too after going every year.

    Tell your mom that she looks gorgeous for me. For a second, I thought that she was you!

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