I Am the Blog

For the past two weeks now, I have had a quiz, test, exam, or paper due every single day. Every. Single. Day. Read ’em and weep. No really, weep. All of these assignments have left me with literally no free time, save the weekends. I hate not having even an hour to myself during the week. I just hope this will all slow down soon, at least for a while. Give me a couple weeks to myself please, uni. I have yet another exam Tuesday that I will need to study for this weekend, but right now I am eagerlyContinue reading

Time and Relative Dimension in Sleep

Well, hello there. I’m sitting at the kitchen table in my mom’s new apartment at the moment, feeling a bit crap about not having made a YouTube video in a couple weeks. I’ll get to it. It’s “fall study break” at university right now. More like fall study long-weekend, seeing as I only have Monday and Tuesday off. I do need to write a six-page paper analysing an advertisement, and of course I need to get around to studying Japanese. Of course. It’s always Japanese. It’s a good thing I still love the language, you rigorous class, you. I thoughtContinue reading