Dirty Work

Tonight, I stayed up revamping this, my fanlisting for Molly from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Georgina and I are doing a fanlisting revamp marathon this week, and I’m already a day behind, so I really wanted to knock that one out. It’s too bad it took so long, because now it’s almost 3am and I’m still awake. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t have work in the morning. This summer, I’m working full-time for my university, which means, yes, I’ve got that dreaded nine-to-five. A girl’s gotta eat, though, so it’s a necessary evil. It’s kindContinue reading

Taking Down the Names

A few days ago, Georgina alerted me to the fact that someone had copied much of the code for my euchre fanlisting. I won’t name names for fear of starting more drama, but this person had taken my code and used it to design her own fanlisting. The result was a massacred version of the original. So bad, in fact, that it wasn’t at first obvious to me that she had even stolen anything. I thought she had merely attempted to copy my design, but when I looked at the actual code, I saw that there were large chunks thatContinue reading

Rest in Peace, Jackass

This morning, I heard the news that Ryan Dunn had passed away. Now, I had never seen an episode of Jackass or anything else he was on (I did watch the entire first season of Viva La Bam tonight, so that is no longer true), but it is always sad to hear of an innocent person’s death. Dunn and an unidentified passenger died in a one-car accident on a highway in Pennsylvania at about 3 in the morning (today; 20 June). Many people, including myself, speculate that his death was the result of drunk driving, since he tweeted a pictureContinue reading

Well Then

I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe “hello” would be a good place to start. “Welcome”, too. I have not written a blog post since 28 December 2010. Do you even understand how long that is? I have missed this like crazy. You have no idea. If you’re new to the world of Rachel and her blogs, let me fill you in. I’ve had a few personal sites, of which this is the latest. So, if you’re confused and looking for a post dated 28 December, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. That post was over at the now-expiredContinue reading