10am EST

In eight hours, I will be done with my last exam of the semester. In eight hours, I will be handing my MCard to the greeter at the gym and heading down to the basement locker room to change clothes for a much-needed workout.

In ten hours, I will be enjoying what is likely to be my second-to-last meal in the dorm dining hall for the semester. In ten and a half hours, I will begin to stress about packing all my stuff into boxes to move out of my dorm room and into my my dad’s house until I can move into my new apartment in just over a week.

In twelve hours, if I’m lucky, I will be resting my head on my pillow in preparation for a good night’s sleep. In 18.5 hours, I will be waking up for one last swim before I come back to school in January.

And in 24 hours I will be on my way to my dad’s house to pick up the rental van before coming back here and loading it up. I presume I won’t be done packing yet. It’s lucky I anticipate my dad being patient in 26 hours.

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