Again a Runner

It has been a long time since I have written about running.  I ran on and off–mostly off–as I worked my way through a string of injuries lasting at least two years.  Every time I thought I was healed, I would go out and hurt myself again.  This time last year, I was in physical therapy for lingering plantar fasciitis.  If you have ever had that, you’ll know it never really goes away.  The PT, plus finally getting a great pair of custom orthotics in June, helped me to be able to walk without pain for the first time inContinue reading

Fuzzy Happy Projects with my First Handspun

The last time I posted (seriously, has it been over a month already?), I wrote about plying my first mini-skein of handspun yarn.  Last week, which was the week of Thanksgiving, I took a few vacation days to give myself the entire week off of work.  I needed time to rest and recharge.  Obviously, that means doing all the crafts.  I did a lot of knitting, of course, along with working on my needlepoint almost every night after barely touching it for months.  One of the first things I did, though, was finish spinning and plying that natural-colored merino/alpaca fiber.  I endedContinue reading

Spinning Ahead: My First Plied Skein!

I’m not finished spinning the roving from the drop spindle class I took last weekend, but I’ve spun up about 70g of singles at this point.  Last I weighed it, I had somewhere around 60g left.  So, another week or less and I’ll be all done and ready to ply.  However, a couple days ago, I was getting really impatient to see what my yarn was going to look like plied.  I had five balls of singles (10g each) at that point, so I thought plying two of them up wouldn’t hurt. 🙂 I wound a plying ball on my nostepinne.Continue reading

Learning to Spin on a Drop Spindle

Like sewing, spinning is one of those things I never thought I would ever want to try.  I was content to just look at (and pet) all the pretty fibers and watch friends spin at knit night.  I’m not sure what changed, but I guess maybe enough people finally told me enough times that they thought I would enjoy it, so I signed up for a drop spindle class at the Ann Arbor Fall Fiber Expo this past weekend. The class was very fun and helpful.  I took it with my friend Jennifer from knit night.  She had had aContinue reading